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Download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp 1.0.3 APK

If you have been looking for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp 1.1.0 APK, you will be glad to know your search ends here.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp just got updated to version 1.1.0 on the Google Play Store, but since the games launch the game is still unavailable for a lot of regions, so we feel the need to keep supplying our dear readers a regular supply of APK’s until the game does go global.

The last version of the game was 1.0.3 so the jump to 1.1.0 is pretty sudden, but it does introduce some major changes to the game which were much needed. The patch notes below highlight hte new entries:

Added garden area.

Added screenshot mode and share function.

Implemented bug fixes.

Implemented feature improvements.

You can see the addition of a garden area and screenshot mode allows for some better social integration of the game, so you can now share your creations with your friends on Facebook and Twitter in efforts of bringing your friends over to the virtual world, or finding friends you might have missed out on.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is still a very limited game when it comes to the interactions you can do with other players, and hopefully Nintendo adds more features in the future to allow for better multiplayer or social features in the game.

Despite the game not being available in some regions, it continues to break download records, and continues to make some impressive numbers.

Currently Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is still a very impressive game and is a fun game to play on your commute / daily routine to kill idle time, but the constant online does become a bit of a nuiseance.

Stay in touch with us for constant updates to the game until the game reaches a global launch.

Let us know about your adventures in the world of Pocket Camp in the comments section below.

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