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Listening to music has never been easier! Anyone can download a special music app and stream all the latest songs directly on their smartphones. Traditionally people needed to purchase their favorite songs and albums from shops like iTunes and Google Play but now, streaming makes everything so much easier.

The two most popular apps for streaming music are SoundCloud and Bandcamp. The thing that makes these apps special is not only the fact that they feature thousands upon thousands of songs, but that they help users discover new artists and tracks that they might enjoy. We should also mention that there are two new updates for both apps. Let’s see what they are about.

Bandcamp 2.1.3 APK

People who enjoy using Bandcamp for finding new music should be happy to know that a brand-new update is enhancing its performance. This latest update comes in form of APK and it brings the app’s build number to 2.1.3.

Moreover, the update introduces a new messages tab that unifies communications from the artists that people are subscribed to. This is a great addition because it will strengthen the bond between listener and artist. Moreover, artists will have an easier time advertising their latest songs, shows and albums.

SoundCloud 2018.02.14 Beta APK

The latest APK update for SoundCloud sports was released one day ago. This new update is huge and it introduces a bunch of cool features. The first feature that the new APK brings updates the platform with personalized music for every user.

Another cool feature that’s being introduced alongside this latest APK adds more flavor to people’s playlists by tracking their upload suggestions. This is an amazing feature that’s going to help SoundCloud users find new songs that suits their liking and it also gives more exposure to artists at the same time.

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