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Back in December, Netflix was running what appeared to be a server-side test of a refreshed UI featuring a bottom navigation bar. Now it seems Netflix is rolling out the new interface to some of its beta users, and we finally have an APK download to share too.

The current version of the Netflix app features a hamburger menu that slides out from the left, which lays out a list of user settings, notifications, downloads, My List, and content categories. The search page, which is accessed by tapping the magnifying-glass icon in the top right of the home screen, is blank until you type in a query.

The latest version of the app builds on what we saw in December: All the stuff that used to reside in the slide-out menu is now placed in the bottom bar, which means no more hamburger menu. The Home, Search, Coming Soon, Downloads, and More pages are all accessible via the new bar at the bottom of the screen. The list of content categories is tucked away in the Search page, which seems like a clean, intuitive change. The More page is where you can switch accounts, manage profiles, change app settings, sign out, and administer your account.

Below is a comparison of the old (left) and new (right) interfaces:


Left: old home screen featuring the hamburger menu; Right: new home screen featuring the bottom nav bar


Left: user settings, notifications, and My List in the old slide-out nav menu; Right: those features accessible on the More page of the new UI

Left: old search page; Right: new search page with content categories listed below the search bar

The Coming Soon page, which is featured in the new bottom nav

Netflix's refreshed app UI with the bottom nav seems to reduce some clutter, and it's a nice improvement overall. If you want to have that bottom bar now, see if it shows up for you by downloading the latest version of the Netflix app from APKMirror.

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