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The latest version of Vidmate is 3.34 and the APK update has been recently published online. Vidmate fans who plan on updating their app should be happy to know that they are in for a treat. While the new update might be small in size, weighing in at 6.94MB, it contains a handful of bug fixes which take care of some annoying issues.

Vidmate 3.34 APK and Bug Fixes

Since this is a small update, the developer team behind Vidmate has focused only on fixing a couple of issues that were irritating users. The issues we are talking about caused the app to randomly interrupt video downloads but fortunately, they have been taken care of.

Android Package Kit

In case you didn’t know, APK stands for Android Package Kit. Therefore, these updates are designed especially for Android powered smartphones and they don’t run on iOS or Windows Phone. Moreover, the latest Vidmate APK requires a minimum of Android 2.2 operating system in order to run. Considering how Android 2.2 is basically ancient, we can safely say that this new Vidmate update can be installed on every device.

Vidmate Top Features

The main reason why people use Vidmate is because it gives them the ability to download any sort of online video they want. This means that Vidmate is able to take down videos from platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. However, this also means that Vidmate goes against YouTube’s Terms of Service and this is why it can’t be found on official app stores such Google Play

With that being said, we advise Vidmate users to only download their own videos and to not go against copyrighted videos. Nonetheless, another great feature that Vidmate offers is the ability to convert videos into MP3 formats, thus allows people to expand their music library.

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