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Having a smartphone in your pocket is an awesome thing because it will make your life so much easier. There are cool apps such as Uber which make sure that people will never have to wait in the cold or rain to hail a taxi, or apps such as Vidmate which give people the ability to whip out their smartphones and watch any type of video they want.


Vidmate is a world-renowned video downloader that supports all sorts of streaming platforms. Some of the biggest names from Vidmate’s list of supported platforms are YouTube, DailyMotion, FunnyorDie, Vimeo, Metacafe and even Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus.

The fact that Vidmate supports so many streaming platforms means that its basically impossible for users to run out of new content to watch. Therefore, Vidmate will prove to be a highly useful app for people who love watching online videos instead of traditional cable TV.

Watching Videos On the Go

The coolest thing about Vidmate is that people can use it to download all their favorite YouTube videos when they are at home, next to a stable Wi-Fi connection and then watch them while traveling to work or school.

Considering that Vidmate is a specialized online video downloader, no one should be shocked to find out that its equipped with a special download manager which uses multiple thread connections that improve download speeds.

Vidmate 3.34 APK Update

Another great thing about Vidmate is the fact that its constantly being improved with weekly APK updates. The developers who are in charge of Vidmate are always looking to introduce new software tweaks and bug fixes which bring the app’s performance to the next level, just like the latest 3.34 APK update which is now available for all Android Vidmate fans.

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