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Have you been trying to find the newest version of the Knives Out APK? We have the newest version of the Knives Out APK right here on our website. You will find all of the information you need below to download the Knives Out APK update for 2018.

There are also some benefits that you might not know about when it comes to downloading the APK. We will tell you all about the benefits of the APK as well as tell you details about the game in general. Keep reading to find out how you can download the Knives Out APK update right now and begin playing today.

Knives Out APK Download – 2018 Update Released

In order to download the Knives Out APK update for 2018 you need to click the link to begin downloading.

Version: 1.201.406036 for Android 4.2+

Update on: 2017-12-22

Simply follow these three steps in order to download the Knives Out APK in 2018:

Step 1. To begin, load up this page from your mobile browser. You will need to click here from the browser in order to download the Knives Out APK.

Step 2. We also have the Data Files and the OBB files that you might want for the Knives Out APK. Click here if you would like to also download those files.

Step 3. After the downloads have completed, you will need to click on them both to begin the installation process. This is not done automatically so remember to click to begin installation after the download finishes.

Step 4. Once those steps are completed, head to your home screen and you will see the game installed.

Knives Out Summary

Have you heard of Knives Out before? If not, then you might love to know more about this new battle royale game. There are more than 100 soldiers on the battlefield, but there is only one that will end up staying alive. You will be playing as a lone wolf and more than 100 people are scattered between the 6.4 square kilometer area. Fighting off the enemies, trying to claim victory, and scouring for weapons are all parts of this game. You must try to survive some of the extreme situations in the game, such as being attacked in an ambush.

In Knives Out, you can team up with other players in either the Team Mode or the Pairs Mode. This allows you to coordinate your strategies and also use teamwork to beat all of the other players. Do you wait it out and snipe the other players? Are you more of the ambush type? These are all questions and strategies you need to figure out when you are playing Knives Out. Tons of military weapons and vehicles are at your disposal as well to help you out.

Knives Out APK Benefits

You might not know it but there are many benefits if you choose to download the newest Knives Out APK. You will get an added room mode plus new costumes and a new Ghillie Suit. Beyond that, there are changes made to some of the weapons. In the newest APK, you will also have a new ranking algorithm. This new algorithm will be based completely off of your ELO Rating. The matches will now be made with those who have similar rankings.

Another benefit of the Knives Out APK update is that you will be able to get the game onto your device regardless of your region or location. When it comes to the Google Play rules, there are location restrictions that could prevent you from downloading or playing the game. If you download the Knives Out APK update for 2018, you will get to play no matter where you live. Even if your location is not supported by Google Play, the APK is how you can get around those rules.

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