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Bored with your generic looking WhatsApp and want some more granular control over it? Then you have come to the right place as today; we’ll talk about an unusual variant of Whatsapp which does more for you and gives you a whole host of features which you always desire to be in the stock app since day one. It’s called the GB Whatsapp, and in this post, we’ll talk about why would you like to switch to it and what new features the GB WhatsApp brings to the table.

First of all its a heavily modified version of the worlds largest messenger WhatsApp, which isn’t officially approved by Facebook but still in the world of Android its okay to have modified things. With GBWhatsApp you get a wide range of control over your last seen, its blue ticks, videos limit and much more.


1)  Hide/Lock Your Chats 

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In this, you can hide your chats by just long pressing on that particular chat and tapping on the three dots on the top left corner and there you should select the HIDE option. Then you’ll be asked to lock it via a pattern lock to hide it.

Now to again make it visible, just tap on the Whatsapp logo on the top left corner and it shall open the hidden chats list, in that to make chats visible again, just hold on the specific conversation and tap on the three dots, and select Marks as Visible, to again show it in the regular messages listings.

2) Theme your Whatsapp

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This is a step above then just changing your wallpaper on Whatsapp, as the GB Whatsapp provides you with tons of themes to choose. It also changes various accents of the application as well as all the minor aspects of Whatsapp. Overall a customisation spree for those who like to spice up the look of everything on their Android. To download a Theme just hit apply and the theme will be downloaded and applied to you by GBWhatsapp APK.

Go to GB Settings >Download Themes >when you hit apply, it will ask to restart your phone, just do it, so that it can apply all the new elements of the theme! Now with the latest version, you can now design your themes.

3) Locking Chats of specific contacts

In this, you can lock any chat you want whether it is an individual contact or a group, you can lock it with a passcode, it’s a better way to do so instead of hiding the chat.

       To lock a particular chat, just follow these instructions
  1. Just tap on that conversation and then tap on the three vertical dots
  2. A Menu will be displayed, in that menu, you’ll find the Lock Chat option,
  3. Just select it, and you’ll be asked to enter a passcode to lock it, that’s it.

Moreover, you can also change the passcode of that locked chat anytime you want.

4) Change Everything: Icons, ticks and everything related to looks

Image Courtesy: StepsToTech .com

As we said earlier this modded WhatsApp allows you to customise every aspect of it and when you explore them, you’ll find various settings to change your fonts, the ticks style, notification icon, locking, hiding-notifications, stay always online to name a few there’re much more things you can choose as per your needs with GB Whatsapp.

5) Multiple Whatsapp Accounts

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Yes, there are apps like parallel space in the Google Play Store, to do such things, but the GB WhatsApp has this feature baked into it, so you don’t require a separate app. You can use two different number and run these separate accounts smoothly with this modded Whatsapp. Don’t worry about your convenience, we have attached a GBWhatsApp APK direct download link.

6) Multi-Language Support

Image Courtesy: Mod Full Android blogger

More than 10 different international languages are supported, and 10 languages are in their full version, so, everyone can read, use and enjoy all the features of it. No matter in which region you stay. You can change them in the settings section of the GBWhatsapp app.

7) Hides your Typing status/ticks/ recording status and much more

If you have ever wondered you’re getting messages from your contacts in a chat, but you don’t ever see the “Typing” status like you see for everyone else. That’s because they’re using GBWhatsapp, and it not only can hide your last seen and blue ticks, but it can also hide, your typing status, leaving everyone confused and wondering when did you type, quite amazing isn’t it?

You can also hide the blue ticks, which means even if you have read the message the contact who sent that message to you won’t see the ticks turn blue, which indicate that the message is seen. With GBWhatsApp you can hide it, and the sender won’t know whether you have read the message or not.

8) Message Scheduling

Image Courtesy: WhiteHatDevil .com

Yes, you read it right, you can also schedule messages with GBWhatsapp, and to do so, just open the settings, by tapping on to the three vertical dots in the top left corner there, you see the options listed as Message Scheduling.

Now, tap on it, and you’ll see a new screen pop-up in which you have to enter the contact to which you have to send the message, next will be the message itself. After that, you should enter the Date to schedule it, once you select the date, next you have to enter the timings, and then Save it.

The message will be delivered, when the time comes as per your selection of date and time, so it a handly neat little utility which should honestly also make its way to the official app.

9) Larger Video sharing limits

WIth the regular WhatsApp you can send up to videos 16MB in size, but GBWhatsapp got you covered, with it you now have the ability to send videos up to 125MB in size. But wait there’s a catch, and it won’t affect much. See, when you select any video which has a size over 50MB and a max size of 125MB, the GBWhatsapp will compress it down to 50MB, and then you’re able to send it to any contacts or in groups as well.

10) You can send up to 90 videos and pictures

Now, with GBWhatsapp your limit to send photos and videos, gets a bump and now you’ll be able to send up to 90 images and videos, to individual chat as well as in groups. To download this fantastic version of Whatsapp just, click on the download GBWhatsApp APK link given below!

Download GB Whatsapp APK

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