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Root Explorer apk: The Root Explorer apk is the most functional, most powerful and useful file manager for the root users. The Root Explorer app allows you to access the whole of the Android file system. It is including the secured ones.

What is Root Explorer apk, How to download Root Explorer apk for Android Devices and its features

You can download the 100 percent original apk file of the Root Explorer from the site without any survey or any other irritating process as well as we are providing the detailed information on using the Root Explorer.

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Many websites are providing the modified version of the Root Explorer. It can cause damages your system or device or any unwanted activities. So, please you can download from the official website. It is only to your device to be secure. We are not responsible for any damages accrued to you use the modified Root Explorer.

Key features:

  1. Manage Files: you can open and run the files which you otherwise could not have done with the default Android file manager on your system or device.
  2. Excess to Hidden Content: you can view the data that are hidden in the Android for security purposes like data of the apps and games you can download.
  3. Multiple Tabs: You can open the multiple tabs in the Root Explorer as you do in browsers.
  4. The Root Explorer supports a Google drive, Dropbox and other online storage.
  5. The Root Explorer has a SQLite database viewer. It is has a remount files, multiple select for files, send files via email, Bluetooth and, any more features.


Any device can run on android 2.2 or higher version and about 4 MB free internal storage. In those devices, you can download and install the Root Explorer apk.

How to Hack Games with Root Explorer?

  • In your device install Root Explorer apk, if you are downloading on the PC transfer your Android device first. In your Android device, you should enable to installation from unknown sources.
  • Then tap to open the app.
  • Open the data folder. Then again navigate to next data folder.
  • Now, you find the folder for your game which wants to hack. You are in your games folder then you can go to the shared-prefs.
  • Now you can go to the game-name=name of the game what you want to hack.
  • Next edit the code where error you want. For example, if you want to change to the score, modify this line, <int name= “count” value =”0”/> write 12345 or any value you want instead of that.
  • Next, click the save button.
  • Enjoy

There is no reason to dislike the Root Explorer apk. The app works smoothly. The app is reliable and fast, and most of all use the small memory. The both devices RAM and storage while operating this app.

What’s New?

Version 4.1.6

  • It reduced the size of the tabs and added the tag size preference. It put the tab height back to how it was used. Select the large tab size in preferences.
  • It is fixed issues replacing files in Dropbox.
  • The fixed issues are accessing SMB servers belonging to the domain.
  • The few other performances enhancements and fixes this version.

Version 4.1.4

  • It updated the Dropbox code to use their v2 API. The update is especially for all Dropbox customers to keep the Dropbox functionality working after the 28th

Version 4.1.3

  • The preference is allowing the add button to be hidden or shown.
  • The files and folders counts for folders in properties dialogue
  • It added raw bytes size after the existing size of display in the properties dialogue
  • The preference to allow the new folder, New tab and New file options to appear in overflow the menu.


Is Root Explorer safe to use?

Ans. The Root Explorer is depended upon you. The use of root explorer can cause some damages to the apps or games you have installed on your device and your device. If you deleted, some important element is of the game or app that is required to run them.

You may also remove the system sounds or any other fundamental requirement of your android devices. Your device may fail to operate correctly. So we advise you to Not To Use Any Feature that you don’t know about if you don’t know what will don’t try this. The quick Google search on the name of the file you want to modify and you will know whether you should change or delete or keep it untouched.

Will I get banned if the game or app developer fined that I am using the Root Explorer?

Ans. The game or app developer won’t know that you are using the root explorer because it is designed in such fashion. There is no single evidence of our getting banned by using the Root Explorer.

Are all apps and games supported?

Ans. Games: The offline games the root explorer can hack you.  We cannot use this app to hack online games because this can modify the data store on your device. It is the only case of offline games. They are stored in the server of the game, so we cannot change them as we can’t have to access the server. So, to hack that games, you need to hack the server which is not possible with any tool available for the android till today.

Apps: there is not much you can do to apps, but anyways all apps are supported.

My device says installation blocked. What should I do?

Ans. These are because of your blocks the installation from unknown sources by default for the security reasons, but you are 100 percent safe with root explorer. You can follow the following steps to fix this.

Go to your android devices settings => Applications. Now enable the “unknown sources”. In some devices, it may be something else.

What are the detailed features of the Root Explorer?

Ans. There are many features of the Root Explorer. Many of the features are described below:

  1. Multiple tabs: The Root Explorer is one of the few apps behind the browser that has this feature. You can open the multiple tabs like you do in web browsers. The feature is useful and much easy to use.
  2. Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and networks (SMB) support: The Root Explorer supports an online storage. You can directly sync your files to these storages.
  3. SQLite database viewer.
  4. Text Editor: You can edit the files in plain text and add or delete content on your wish. The text editor is handy and easy to use. You can use the feature on most of the cases, but sometimes if it does not work, you can try other methods too.
  5. Create and extract zip or tar/gzip files, extract RAR archives: The files are not readable be the default file viewer on Android. The feature is useful because many files you can download from the internet are in this format.
  6. Multi-select: You can select the more than one item at a time.
  7. Execute scripts: This script stored on your devices can be implemented or run with the help of the root explorer.
  8. Search, view permission and remount: You can search them for an individual file with their name or any folder with its name. You can see the leaves allows to the apk and changes them
  9. Bookmarks: You can bookmark individual folder and get instant access the next time you open root explorer.
  10. Image thumbnails.
  11. Send files (via email and Bluetooth etc.).
  12. Change files owner/group.
  13. Create symbolic link.
  14. APK binary XML viewer: You can see the XML file of the APK file and modify them but be careful. You may damage the app or the game
  15. “Open With” facility.
  16. MD5.
  17. Create shortcuts.


The Root Explorer is a fantastic use, and a multipurpose must have android apk. It is more familiar and comfortable to use. The improper use of this app can cause severe damages, and you may also lose your game or app and their data. It is improper to will take you nowhere but gives the plan a lot. We are recommending you not even to try anything you are not sure.

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