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The Good e-Reader APK TO BAR service was launched when the Blackberry Playbook first came out and millions of people used it within a few short years. When Blackberry 10 came out it was very relevant, because it allowed users to convert any Android app to a Blackberry BAR file.  Since 2011 over 90 million apps have been converted using our script and now it is the only game in town. The only other service offer the same user experience was and they have just announced they have closed up shop for good.

There are millions of Blackberry 10 enabled smartphones still in service and Blackberry no longer supports their own app store. This creates a problem for developers who want to test apps and do not want to install complicated framework.

The Good e-Reader APK TO BAR script is free to use. You simply upload any APK file and it will automatically convert it to a BAR file and allow you to download it. There is a voting system for users who want to browse recently uploaded apps, so you can know if an app works before you sideload it.

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